JUNE 13, 2019 AT 7 PM

Most people who live in or visit small towns do so because of the sense of community that seems to permeate everyday life.  Community is more than a word; it is people coming together to enjoy each other’s company and to create an enjoyable environment for all to live in.  It is often the events that a community sponsors that identify the character of the town.

St. Catherine of Siena Church’s 5K Family Fun Run is just such an event. The Race provides a meeting place for the whole community and for guest from all across the State and country.  It’s a time to meet, a time to chat, a time to share with old and new friends.  This popular event, held at the Amos Lake Beach club, has been a community favorite for the last 30 years.  The race has also been a favorite for local runners.  The Mohegan Striders have supported the race from the beginning.  They have enjoyed the charm of the race and the feeling of camaraderie that comes from participating in the event so much that they have named it one of their Premier Races and encourage all of their runners to participate.

Another contributor to our success over the past few years is the 169 Club.  This group strives to run a race in every town in the State of Connecticut.  Many have made the St. Catherine of Siena's road race one of these races.  

Be a part of the Community.  Come and enjoy the spirit of family at the St. Catherine’s Family Fun Run. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Amos Lake Race Location